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High Torque Rope Access Solutions Ltd provide rope access inspection across South Wales. We help to make sure your commodities, practices and services comply with applicable standards. With a team of fully qualified and experienced technicians, we serve the South West of the United Kingdom including Bristol, Reading and Swindon as well as the whole of the UK.

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Full Inspection Package

We can offer you full visual inspections with a written report at your facility, to ensure your contractual responsibilities are met. High Torque Rope Access Solutions Ltd range of rope access inspection includes:

Experience Across A Variety Of Projects

The highly skilled team here at High Torque Rope Access Solutions Ltd have had a wide range of experience when it comes to rope access inspection across the UK. Over the years, we have worked on inspection projects on high rise buildings, bridges, tower masts as well as oil and gas rigs and offshore wind turbines. Our aim is to make sure you comply with any relevant industrial and commercial standards.

We Present Detailed Reports

The experienced inspection team at High Torque Rope Access Solutions Ltd, provide you with professional and detailed reports that clearly present our findings. Each project is completed on time and tailored to suit your exact needs. With excellent workmanship, we put you first and will work with you to meet your requirements.



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